When a cat’s eye stone is adorned, it is known to nullify the malefic effects that may result from the evil eye.




About Cat’s Eye Stone:

The cat’s eye stone, a variety of quartz is a precious stone and it derives its name from its appearance- it looks very similar to a cat’s eye. Just like a cat’s eye, the cat’s eye stone has a characteristic and brilliant beam of light that passes through its centre. From within, the reflections of a cat’s eye stone are lustrous and in all colors of the rainbow. Alternately, a cat’s eye stone can also be identified by its shining band which moves as the stone is turned. When a cat’s eye stone is adorned, it is known to nullify the malefic effects that may result from the evil eye.

As the cat’s eye stone effectively safeguards the wearer against all hidden enemies and related negativity, it is particularly recommendable for people associated with the field of litigation. For businessmen, cat’s eye stone can prove to be auspicious as it safeguards wealth and prevents destruction in all forms. This stone is especially known to help a wearer recover the wealth that was lost before the stone was adorned, and by enabling a person retain a sound intellect, facilitates a wearer to make financial decisions that are lucrative.

Apart from strengthening the intellect and bestowing wisdom, this precious gemstone is associated with luxury and attracts material comforts in the life of a person who has adorned the same. With the aid of cat’s eye stone, one can bring a greater sense of harmony in his life and meticulously deal with challenging situations. Along with bringing about an enhanced flow of wealth, the cat’s eye stone, when adorned endows the courage to deal with and overcome all adversaries that one may come across in his life. As stability is enhanced on wearing this gemstone, the wearer is more at harmony with the world around himself.

Health wise, cat’s eye stone is said to yield many benefits. The use of this stone ensures abundance of happiness, wealth and joy in lives of progeny and also prevents the occurrence of accidents. Cat’s eye stone is believed to effectively heal pain in joints and prevents all ailments associated with nerves and anxiety.

About this product:-

  • Rings and Pendants made using Sterling Silver (92.5% pure silver).
  • Purity of the Cat’s Eye Stone used is 4.25 carats and above.
  • Free-size rings (fits all).
  • Designed in USA.


Procedure for wearing a Cat’s Eye Stone: An Cat’s Eye Stone should be worn on ring finger of the right hand on a Thursday.


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