Zafirah Kalam with Ayatul Kursi in the kaba

Zafirah Kalam with Ayatul Kursi in the kaba

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Brand Other
Material Wood, Alloy Steel
Unit count 1.0 count
Closure type Ball
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Only786 is delighted to introduce Zafirah Kalam - an exquisite writing instrument! European technology has enabled us to embed a special crystal in the pen's top, which when held close to the eye (towards light), reveals a message none other than the Almighty's!! The entire Ayatul Kursi are engraved on the miniature crystal, and are visible to the eyes to read!

1. Brushed steel finish
2. Ball Point Fountain pen
3. Impressive look, comparable to the more expensive writing instruments in the market.

"Zafirah" Kalam is a Ball-point Pen which can be converted to a Fountain pen using the accessories included in the kit (ink tube & titanium nib attachment). The cap includes the crystal which holds the message. The parts are made in Germany, and the pen holder is a wooden case which holds the pen, accessories & certificate.

Item type- Pen
Color- Black

Only786 invites you to own a piece of spiritual elegance with Zafirah Kalam. Whether for personal use or as a thoughtful gift, this writing instrument transcends the ordinary, becoming a cherished possession that reflects both style and devotion.

Elevate your writing experience to new heights with Zafirah Kalam – where the divine meets the elegance of craftsmanship!