Turquoise Pendant

Turquoise Pendant

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  • Pendants made using Sterling Silver (92.5% pure silver)
  • Turquoise purity is 4.25 carats and above
  • Designed in USA
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Turquoise is often seen as the oldest precious stone known to man- it is associated with chivalry, knights, emperors and warriors. Alternately, turquoise is believed to be possessed with strong and potent talismanic powers.

This extremely beautiful stone is distinct and easy to recognize owing to its unique appearance and visible charm. Turquoise is often found in shades of bluish-green and is opaque, yet soothing to the eye. The name turquoise is derived from pierre turquoise, which means ‘a Turkish stone’ in French. It is known as the Turkish stone because Turquoise was once bought by Venetians from mines in central Asia and Turkish Bazaars.

In present times, Turquoise is associated with healing, power, luck, protection and also mysticism. Adorning this stone is believed to make the body stronger and safeguards us against all diseases by enhancing the immunity. Turquoise provides protection, and prevents the occurrence of road accidents, making it particularly auspicious to be worn by travelers. Wearing a Turquoise is said to bring about matrimonial harmony. With its strong talismanic influence, Turquoise wards away all negativity and ensures that the wearer is free from all ailments.

In Persia, Turquoise is called Feroza and means ‘the victorius’ while at many parts of the world, it is associated with the cycle of life. This exquisitely beautiful stone brings about peace, good health and prosperity to the wearer. Nevertheless, one of the most characteristic features of the turquoise gemstone is its healing properties. It heals physical injuries, mental unrest and even trauma from previous life. With healing ensured by turquoise, one overcomes all forms of miscommunication and gets over every kind of hostility. As communication improves, one gets a better understanding about the deeper issues in his life and is able to resolve the same, while being more in sync with the inner self. With this enhanced communication, the wearer overcomes depression and attains self realization, which gives him a better perspective about ideas and emotions.

1. Pendants made using Sterling Silver (92.5% pure silver)
2. Turquoise purity is 4.25 carats and above
3. Designed in USA

Turquoise should be worn on a Friday.

1. Avoid Harsh Chemicals: Keep the pendant away from household cleaners and chemicals to prevent damage to the gemstone and silver setting.
2. Regular Cleaning: Clean the pendant regularly with a soft brush, mild soap, and water to remove dirt and oils. Dry it thoroughly after cleaning.
3. Gentle Handling: Handle the pendant with care to avoid unnecessary stress on the silver setting and gemstone.