Ruby Pendant

Ruby Pendant

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  • Pendants made using Sterling Silver (92.5% pure silver).
  • The purity of the Ruby gemstone used is 4.25 carats and above.
  • Designed in USA.
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Ruby is widely seen as the one of the most attractive and fascinating gemstones owing to its shine and brilliant red color. It is also found in shades varying from pink, light red, light pink to even a unique violet red color, wherein the texture of this transparent stone is smoothish. Widely adorned purely for its undeniable aesthetic value, a ruby has numerous positive influences on one’s life.

With a ruby gemstone, a person’s health, vitality and zest for life are enhanced- it helps the wearer overcome all forms of disorders. This singular gemstone is particularly useful for all ailments related with blood including anemia and further accentuates the production of hemoglobin. Some common ailments for which a ruby can be useful include cardiovascular ailments, inflammation in eyes, hypertension, hypotension or malfunctioning of bile. Adorning a ruby makes one glow and it is believed to make the skin healthier. Alternately, wearing a ruby yields positive effects on a person’s professional life in minimum time- popularity among colleagues is enhanced as a person builds relationships for a lifetime. Similarly, chances of getting a promotion greatly increase with this distinctive gemstone. Ruby induces dedication and sincere hard work in one’s field of discipline and is believed to augur well for success in politics.

Wearing a ruby is auspicious and it enhances faith in spirituality. With time, this gemstone improves the wearer’s economic position and works wonders for professional success in terms of career. In essence, ruby infuses a cheerful disposition in a person and portends lifelong joy and happiness for the wearer and all around him. While it is linked with good fortune, it is particularly utilitarian for a person who intends to reach great heights of success in career. By adorning this stone, one naturally attains brilliance in his professional sphere, such that his work is admired by all and yields the desired results. With a ruby, success in all worldly affairs is a natural consequence and alternately, the wearer becomes more creative and his skill sets become elaborate and refined to a greater extent. The individual’s determination towards success is enhanced, which paves way for a heightened orientation of thoughts and ideas.

1. Rings and Pendants made using Sterling Silver (92.5% pure silver).
2. Purity of the Ruby gemstone used is 4.25 carats and above.
Free-size rings (fits all).
Designed in USA.

A Ruby should be worn on ring finger of the right hand on a Sunday.

1. Avoid Harsh Chemicals: Keep the pendant away from household cleaners and chemicals to prevent damage to the gemstone and silver setting.
2. Regular Cleaning: Clean the pendant regularly with a soft brush, mild soap, and water to remove dirt and oils. Dry it thoroughly after cleaning.
3. Gentle Handling: Handle the pendant with care to avoid unnecessary stress on the silver setting and gemstone.