Nazar Bandh Taveez

Nazar Bandh Taveez

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  •  A Brilliant Cat’s Eye Stone embedded in a Stainless steel pendant.
  •  Effectively ward off the Evil Eye with Nazar Pendant
  •  Ships anywhere in the world


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An evil eye can harm us in many ways. It can affect our professional endeavors, financial position or health. Lifesouq presents the Evil Eye Pendant (Nazar Pendant) to protect ourselves from such negative vibrations. The Nazar Pendant is a powerful amulet that forms a protective shield around us when worn.

Evil Eye pendant is an attractive capsule shaped pendant made from Stainless steel. This pendant has a Cat’s Eye stone (also called lehsunia stone) embedded in its center, and comes with a black thread. This amulet is supposed to be worn using the black thread.

1. A Brilliant Cat’s Eye Stone embedded in a Stainless steel pendant.
2. Effectively ward off the Evil Eye with Nazar Pendant.
3.Ships anywhere in the world.

The cat’s eye stone, a variety of quartz, is a precious stone and it derives its name from its appearance- It looks very similar to a cat’s eye. Just like a cat’s eye, the cat’s eye stone has a characteristic and brilliant
beam of light that passes through its centre. From within, the reflections of a cat’s eye stone are lustrous and in all colours of the rainbow. Alternatively, a cat’s eye stone can also be identified by its shining band which moves as the stone is turned.

1. Avoid Harsh Chemicals: Keep the pendant away from household cleaners and chemicals to prevent damage to the gemstone and silver setting.
2. Regular Cleaning: Clean the pendant regularly with a soft brush, mild soap, and water to remove dirt and oils. Dry it thoroughly after cleaning.
3. Gentle Handling: Handle the pendant with care to avoid unnecessary stress on the silver setting and gemstone.